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Gnome 1 magic lantern from Paris ca 1920








This unique piece was build around 1920 by Etablissement Tiranty in Paris (Rue La Fayette). The Gnome 1 magic lantern comes with a very large collection of colored optical lantern slides. If you want to have specific pictures of slides, please let us know and we can send it to you. The slides came from 'reading public museum and art gallery', the Philadelphia museums, Underwood & Underwood N.Y., Dr. Franz Stoedtner (Berlin) or keystone view company.

You can purchase the entire set with all the slides for 1475 euro or if you are interested in a particular slide, please let us know. The slides go for 10 euro each.

Children's Stories

  1. The precocious pigs 12 slides (#1 missing), including paper description and in original box (broken)
  2. The elephants revenge 12 slides, including paper description and in original box (broken)
  3. Puss in boots 8 slides in original box
  4. Ten little nigger boys 8 slides in original box from W. Butcher & Sons Ltd, May 1920
  5. The pied piper 8 slides in original box from W. Butcher & Sons Ltd, May 1920
  6. Mr. & Mr.s Brown and the mouse 8 slides in original box


  • Sumatra - Malay girls dancing with dishes on their heads and between fingers
  • Sumatra - Virgin forest
  • Sumatra - three women in gold and batik dresses
  • Sumatra - Women from another village selling peppers
  • Sumatra - Minang kabau women selling vegetables
  • Sumatra - Malay village at the Westcoast - Palms: carabas wheelbarrow
  • Sumatra - A toba-batak house or house of the second Batak tribe
  • Sumatra - Batak women with silver jewelry in the ear
  • Sumatra - tea picking
  • Sumatra - fast growing trees planted after tobacco crop
  • Sumatra - young plantation of oil palms protected with coffee plants
  • Sumatra - Medan women teaching bobbin lace making
  • Sumatra - medan main street

Netherlands (ca 120 pieces)

  • Netherlands The Hague
  • Holland - Haarlem - roof of slaughter house
  • Netherlands - Haarlem Spaarne
  • Netherlands - Haarlem
  • Station, Haarlem - Holland
  • The Dyke - Holland
  • Netherlands - Rotterdam showing const'n of dykes
  • Netherlands - Middelburg Market Place
  • Netherlands - Haarlem Center of City - old town hall
  • Netherlands - Delft Market place and Church
  • Netherlands - Old Delft
  • Gouda - Holland - street scene
  • Netherlands - Gouda - street scene
  • Map of holland
  • Holland - delfthaven - old water gate
  • Netherlands- Haarlem - Groote Markt
  • Holland - the O&S port and canal - Delft
  • The windmill - Delft - Holland
  • Holland - Edam
  • Groningen - the market - Holland
  • Houses of parliament - The Hague - Holland
  • The Hague, Holland, Vijverberg
  • The Hague, Holland, King's Palace
  • Humstee Canal - The Hague - Holland
  • Panorama - The Hague - Holland
  • Scheveningen - Holland
  • The museum of The Hague - Holland
  • The Korn market - poort - Kampen - Holland
  • Cattle market Gurmerend (Purmerend?) - North Holland
  • Tomatoes under Glass - South of Hague - Holland
  • Old Wagon - Haarlem - Holland
  • The Hague - Holland - Mas works
  • Netherlands - Vollendam
  • Scheveningen with its sand dunes - Holland
  • Holland - windmill near Rysuyk 'mitchell'
  • Monnikendam, Holland, tower
  • Netherlands - Rotterdam - street scene
  • Rotterdam, Holland, Poling boat along the canal
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, Main Street, Coolsingel
  • Canal boats along a canal, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Rotterdam harbor, netherlands
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, street scene (showing Manfield & sons)
  • Along the canal, Rotterdam
  • Airview of the Harbor, Rotterdam
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, entrance to the harbor
  • Rotterdam, Holland, near bridge
  • Great loading derricks, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Statue of Erasmus, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Holland, a bit of old Rotterdam
  • The busy Leuvehaven and its bridge to the Boompje, to fish market, Rotterdam
  • J. van Goijen, Dordrecht - Amsterdam Rijks museum (broken and looks very old) (2x)
  • Keyser anatomy lesson - Amsterdam - Rijks museum
  • Th. de Keyser, Corporals of Captan Cloeck, Amsterdam
  • Holland - Middelburg - marketplace
  • Netherlands - Middelburg - marketplace
  • Windmill & a dyke road west of Dordrecht, holland
  • Beside the Zuider Zee, Holland
  • Neighbors in a tidy village street along the dike, Holland
  • Countrywomen with milk pails, Goes, Holland
  • Everyday business on the narrow waterway of a little Dutch Town, Volendam, Holland
  • Peaceful pastures with windmills, Holland
  • Village girls on the wharf, Marken, Zuider Zee, Holland
  • Netherlands, Middelburg, marketplace
  • Old town weigh house and market at Hoorn
  • Quaint houses and bridges and clumsy fishing boats in the harbor at Hoorn, holland
  • Church where the pilgrim fathers prayed before Embarking for America, Delfthaven
  • Church at Delfthaven where Pilgrim fathers prayed - Holland
  • In te market place, The Hague, Holland
  • Prosperous and charming Groningen, Holland
  • Rotterdam, Holland - shipping on the boompjes
  • Holland - Rotterdam - street and windmills along dam
  • Dutch Children in native costume, fishermen & boats
  • Funeral Announcer - Holland
  • Canal Rotterdam, Holland
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, street scene
  • Netherlands - near Rotterdam - Old Dutch Canal boats passing through drawbridge
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, Small harbour
  • Canal Scene - Rotterdam - Holland
  • Rotterdam, Holland, canal scene
  • Rotterdam , artgentine wheat ?
  • Loading lettuce - Haarlem- Netherlands
  • East across the oudeheren, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Netherlands, Rotterdam, Maashaven - small harbor
  • Rotterdam Mdse Netherlands
  • Rotterdam, Holland, Staigen Canal
  • Netherlands, view of the harbor Rotterdam
  • Holland, Enkhuysen, Dutch matron with her dog team
  • Holland, Katwijk am see, gates of the Rhine
  • Water mill, Holland
  • The boerensteiger canal, Holland
  • Rotterdam, Holland, loading steamers on the boompjes
  • Rotterdam, Holland, on the market place
  • The boompjes, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Holland, making wooden shoes
  • Shell Oil refineries Rotterdam harbor, Holland
  • Holland, marken, fishing village
  • On the Canal, Haarlem, Holland
  • Scheveningen, Holland's favorite seashore resort
  • Holland, Scheveningen BLVD
  • Volendam - Holland, Village Street
  • Leyden Holland Corn market
  • Holland, Marken side of harbor
  • Holland, Marken view of village
  • Holland, Volendam, homes of workmen
  • Marken
  • 401 - A Dutch Fishing Village, Island of Marken, Holland (6x) + description
  • 402 - Quaint Street in Marken, near Amsterdam Holland (5x) + description
  • 403 - Dutch Farm Hands Milking Holstein-Freisian Cattle near Rotterdam Holland (6x) + description
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