Candelabra by Friedrich Adler for Osiris, Germany 1902





Impressive candelabra (in German Kerzenleuchter or Girandole) by the famous artist Friedrich Adler. This candelabra can be considered as one of his top pieces and is certainly one of the Jugendstil or Art Nouveau silver pewter top designs ever made. Object can be considered as an investment and a museum piece for any high end Nouveau Collection. The rare candelabra has been described and pictured multiple times in the book “Friedrich Adler, Zwischen Jugendstil und Art Deco”. On request, this book is available for sale. Also pictured in “Jugendstil aus Nuernberg” by C. Pese, page 151. Polished pewter five branch candelabra with typical organic Jugendstil decorations. Clearly marked at the bottom. Very good condition; this candelabra has been restored and polished by one of the best museum metal restorers in The Netherlands. There is a professional restoration at the bottom side of the candelabra, so invisible if it is normally placed. This restoration was done to perfectly straighten the candelabra.

  • Dimensions

    H: 41 cm, W: 23 cm, Dm. 17.5 cm

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