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Ugo La Pietra Modular Bookcase 'Uno sull'Altro' for Poggi, Italy 1970s
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Ugo La Pietra Modular Bookcase 'Uno sull'Altro' for Poggi, Italy 1970s






Impressive and unique Ugo La Pietra modular bookcase for Poggi from Italy the 1970s. This boockcase consists of eleven elements in three different sizes. These stacking, double-sided, shelves in white lacquered wood can be stacked and positioned in any type of unit you desire; generating multiple configuration possibilities. Due to the fact that the back and front are identical, it is also ideal to use as a room divider.

The elements are equipped with special locks at the based, are made of plywood with polyurethane resin.

The bookcase is in excellent condition with only minor traces of usage.


* Domus n. 484, March 1970, p. 18

* Domus n. 488, July 1970, p. 29

* Domus n. 494, January 1971, p. 43

* Giuliana Gramigna, Repertoire 1950-2000, Allemandi, Turin, 2003

* Il mondo di poggi, p. 133, Milano 2019

  • Dimensions

    Largest element is 100 cm wide x 49 cm height and 55 cm depth.

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