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About us

AtKris Studio started from a passion for antiques, vintage design, art and 'beautiful things'. All pieces have a story, are hand selected, collected or come from a private collection. Some things are so beautiful that we prefer to keep them for ourselves.

AtKris Studio

Finding the best vintage design furniture for you, that is what we do best!

After working over 14 years full-time in the oil & gas industry, I decided to completely change my life. My husband was gathering antiques for years and I wanted to use that experience. My mission is to demonstrate that antiques and vintage design are not old-fashioned or boring and that it fits in any modern interior.

From our international travels and living abroad, we gathered some really beautiful pieces. Every time we find something timeless, we are delighted. It is so nice to give these pieces a second, third or fourth life.

AtKris Studio is growing. In 2018, we started an online antique store; AtKris Arts & Antiques. In 2021 we rebranded to AtKris Studio and opened a warehouse in Culemborg with ~100m2. In the summer of 2021 we moved to a larger warehouse and added the next summer a 1000 m2 storage and a showroom.

Do you want to grow with us? Don't hesitate to contact us for potential collaborations.


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  • Passion

    We love the pieces as much as you do!

  • Quality

    Quality is the essence of our business

  • Service

    We will make sure your piece gets delivered without worries



Krista (1983) was born and raised in The Netherlands. Her enthusiasm and passion shows in all her activities. Demonstrating that a modern interior can be combined really well with antiques and design items, is her mission. She wants to add the feminine touch and make everything look effortlessly chic.

Krista has a passion for female entrepreneurship and where she can will support others to realize their business.



Roland (1970) already collected antiques and rare items when he was a kid. A fascination for stones was his first love.

This never stopped and his spare time is filled with searching for the most amazing items. Next to his day job, he is the biggest support for 'AtKris Studio' and where he can collects the pieces himself. Italy is his main destination, however most of the time he spends on online to find the best pieces.



Wondering where we get our beautiful pictures from? Mirella is our star photographer. After her photography degree, she decided to become an entrepreneur and works a day a week at AtKris Studio to create the most beautiful visuals. She also brings edge and a positive attitude to the team.



Craftmanship and precision are the words that define Arie. He has many years of experience in the construction and restoration of church organs, however is developing a love for vintage furniture as well. Whenever something needs fixing or just some polishing; he is there to help and provide his expertise.



Zoë (1998) has become social media guru. From just a few hours a week to help out, to 2 days a week fully focused on social media, newsletters, the website, and everything else that needs a pair of extra hands. Although, not familiar with vintage design pieces, her knowledge is increasing every week and she clearly has some favorites now.



Levi (2002) quit his job at a supermarket chain to help out with activities that involve muscles and driving. Next to his study 'chemistry' he is a gym-fanatic, which helps a lot when he comes to delivery items to your place. He cross the entire country in our AtKris Studio van and makes sure the delivery process is smooth.