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Amsterdam School Collection

We love our Amsterdam School section with beautiful furniture like chairs, buffets, tables, and cabinets. The terminology 'Amsterdam School' is currently used to reflect a rather large period in Dutch design history from about 1910-1935, also sometimes mentioned as 'Dutch Art Deco'. Many of the furniture designers started as architects. 

Amsterdam School Furniture

AtKris Studio has a large collection of Amsterdam School furniture, like Amsterdams School Cabinets and Sideboards. This particular 'Dutch Art Deco style' is well-known for its expressive shapes, inspiration from nature like animals and flowers and contrast between oak and often the use of coromandel details. 

Many of the furniture designers of this period started as architects. Designers like Jac. van den Bosch, H.P. Berlage, Hildo Krop, Piet Kramer and Michel de Klerk are named as the icons of this style period that ranges from ~1910-1935. Although, officially H.P. Berlage is not part of the 'Amsterdam School' (H.P. Berlage's designs were far too rational and simplistic and are officially part of 'Nieuwe Kunst'; it is typically mentioned as 'Amsterdam School' as well).

This style is still very popular and in high demand, especially with decorating houses from the 1920s and 1930s.

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Jac. van den Bosch

Jac. van den Bosch was a well-known Dutch furniture and interior designer. He started out drawing at a furniture factory and that is where he met H.P. Berlage. Together with him, they started ''t Binnenhuis' where they designed a lot of Amsterdam School Cabinets and other furniture.

'T Binnenhuis was an interior design business. The idea was to make furniture and "decoration" of the interior available to ordinary people. Ultimately, the furniture remained accessible mainly to wealthy citizens. Originally the idea was that 't Binnenhuis was a cooperation of many artists and designers, including Jan Eisenloeffel.

Although the interior design business was run by Jac van den Bosch for almost thirty years, who also drew most of the designs, the store remained above all the brainchild of Berlage. He founded the business and also provided financial support. Well-known customers included the Amsterdam family Fentener van Vlissingen, Anton Philips and Helene Kroller-Muller.

We have a great corner chair available designed by Jac. van den Bosch

Company Drilling

Because of the decorations, it was hard to produce Amsterdam School furniture with machines and in series. Therefore, it largely remained accessible for the more rich people.

A couple of companies try to align more with 'the public' and develop more accessible furniture. The Drilling furniture factory was one of them; started by J.Th. Drilling and was situated on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam from 1917. They 're-opened' in 1924 and designed a specific 'opening interior'. In total this was produced twelve times. The company was partially machine manufacturing some of their furniture like legs of chairs. However, there was still enough hand work for the 45 furniture makers it had employed at that time.

More can be read in this (Dutch) article.

We have two Amsterdamse School cabinets by J.Th. Drilling and we love the decorative ornaments on them.

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