Art Deco Side Table in Mahogany and Coromandel, The Netherlands 1930s
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    Diameter: 59 cm / 23.2" | Height: 67 cm / 26.4"

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This beautifully refined Dutch 1930s side table, entirely in the Art Deco style is made with an eye for detail. The organic or spider-like legs make the first round shelf almost seem to float. The shelf is about three to four millimeters thick and falls very nicely on the two crossbars that run underneath. In addition to their constructive function, the legs also offer a major aesthetic addition. Mahogany is used for the legs and the bottom shelf and shows a beautiful drawing.

The patina also deserves an honorable mention and is completely diffused over the table due to the age and use of this item. Let's move a bit to the top. A special decoration in the form of decorative nails has been applied between the side of the top and the actual top. These are applied evenly over the edge and provide a special detail. On the actual top, we see four mahogany veneer parts that are mirrored from each other. A star shape has also been created in the middle, existing out of four parts of the coromandel veneer. A fine piece of craftsmanship.

The condition of this table is entirely in accordance with age and use so that small chips on the edges and minimal color differences are visible. This does not detract from the beautiful vintage look.

Customer Reviews

Palmer Giddings

Customer - Houston USA

I recently bought some amazing Artwork from AtKris Studio online. The whole experience was amazing. The transaction was amazingly efficient. The crating and shipping of the artwork to the United States from the Netherlands could not have gone smoother and the customer service was spot on!!  Krista was amazing and I highly recommend AtKris Studio!


Shawn Henderson

Interior Designer - New York USA

Table arrived very well crated, seller made process seamless.


Trey Beck

Customer - Paris

Excellent responsiveness, and with wonderful curatorial chops!