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Highboard by Cees Braakman for Pastoe the Japan Series, The Netherlands 1960's







Minimalist Highboard by Dutch Designer Cees Braakman for UMS Pastoe, The Netherlands 1960s. This highboard comes from the very popular 'Japanese Series". Finding this piece in such a good quality condition is very rare. The model is CU06 and is mentioned in the Pastoe catalog of 1965.

This highboard has one off-white formica door with the iconic black handles, behind this door are shelves that are also off-white colored. Below this door there are four drawers having a smart integrated handle design. On the right side is a door with four shelves behind it.

The highboard stands on a modern black steel case with four feet.

Although this highboard is about 60 years old, it still has a very modern look and feel and is a great addition to any interior. The highboard is in good condition, but is missing an hinge on the right side of the formica door. This does not harm the functioning of the sideboard.

  • Dimensions

    118 cm height, 126 cm width and 45 cm depth.

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Styling the Cees Braakman Highboard

Due to white color block in this highboard, it really stands out on a colored wall. Here we used a very dark blue to provide the contrast.

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