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Our Favorite Grete Jalk Designs

Jalk was known for her designs that were well-tailored to people's needs. At the same time, all her designs always embraced progress and were innovative.

One of our favorite female designers is Grete Jalk. She was best known for her furniture, wallpaper, and fabric designs. Her work is characterized by simplicity and elegance. Jalk’s designs were well-tailored to people's needs. Her designs always embraced progress and were innovative. The many armchairs and sofas designed by Jalk are known for their simplicity and comfort.

Our Personal Favorites

1. Model 'GJ Bow' Chair for Lange Production, 1960s

Only about 300 copies of the original chair were made because of how complicated the design was. Only a few of these still exist today and can be found in The Danish Design School and the Danish Museum of Art and Design, both located in Copenhagen. The chair's expressive sculptural form, which is made up of two pieces of molded plywood with identical shapes, represents a late high point in the involvement of eminent designers with this material, which started in the 1930s.

'GJ Bow' chair

2. Model 118 armchairs for France & Daverkosen, 1950s

These two comfortable chairs are the first of the model 118 series manufactured in 1955. The frames of these completely original examples are beautiful to look at. It has an interesting combination of patinated teak legs, backrest, and webbing. When looking at the hind legs from the side, it is visible that they lean slightly forward. A nice design solution by Grete Jalk at the time was to guarantee the sturdiness of the chair and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing construction. You can find these chairs in the Design Museum Denmark under reference number RP03605.

Model '118' armchairs

3. Daybed in Teak for Poul Jeppesen, 1960s

This item has distinctive design aspects that make it the perfect daybed. For overnight guests or an afternoon nap, the wide seat cushion may be softly pulled out to create a deeper, flat sleeping area. The rounded backrest is both comfortable and a hinged box that may conceal all of your sleeping necessities.

Daybed in teak

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