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Style with Studio Maria Elena

In ‘Style With...’ AtKris collaborates with interior designers and like- minded interior professionals who will share their valuable insights on vintage design. We will discover their views on how to combine and style vintage pieces in modern interiors. First up, Maria Elena, interior stylist and author of the book ‘Something Old, Something New’. We had the pleasure of visiting Maria Elena in her beautiful home in Leiden, where she artfully styled her top three vintage favorites from our collection.

Though she initially pursued a career in law, her innate creativity always found an outlet in the world of design. About seven years ago, she made a bold career shift, leaving the legal profession behind to focus on interior design. During the times of the pandemic, Maria Elena decided to focus more on her Instagram platform. With her mission to share the stories behind vintage pieces and exploring different historic design styles, she's been a source of inspiration for many.

Maria Elena's unique design philosophy revolves around the idea of transformation. She believes the interior of your home should evolve just as you do over the years. The changing phases in your life should be reflected in your living space, resulting in the canvas of your individuality. “Everyone can copy paste a Pinterest interior, but then it will never be your home”. Maria Elena argues that vintage and antique items infuse a home with character and the courage to combine elements that truly resonate with one's personal aesthetic. Vintage pieces have a unique way of adding character to a space, something that modern items may not always achieve.

Maria Elena’s favorite picks

A perfect example of this embodiment of character and history is Maria Elena’s favorite pick of our collection, the Brazilian Sling Chairs. Maria Elena is drawn to their unique back design, reminiscent of a corset, subtly paying homage to the world of fashion. She describes the chairs with words like ‘rough’ and ‘sexy’, making them a representation of strength and allure. These chairs seamlessly integrate into her home, adding a unique narrative and character to her interior. “It feels like they’ve always belonged here”.

Other favorites that Maria Elena chose from our collection were the robust Amsterdam School Side Table and ISA Bergamo Cabinet by Leonardo Fiori. Styled in her home, the pieces seamlessly blend with Maria Elena’s personal treasures gathered over the years.

If you're starting your journey into vintage collecting, Maria Elena shares a piece of invaluable advice:

"develop an eye for your own personal taste. Observe the colors, shapes, and lines that draw your attention, and make your individuality guide your choices.”

Stay tuned for more ‘Style With...' series as we continue to explore the compelling world of vintage and modern design through the eyes of interior professionals.

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