Brutalist Highboard in Stained Oak in the Style of DeCoene, Belgium 1970s
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  • Dimensions

    Width: 108.5 cm / 42.7" | Depth: 44 cm / 17.3" | Height: 134.5 cm / 56"

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The design of this 1970s  highboard is in the style of the De Coene brothers. The doors display a beautiful three-dimensional pattern created by traditional wood carving. Magnetic strips are used to open and close the doors easily and without clearance. Its sturdy hinges, together with the wood thickness, provide a feeling of quality when the doors are opened. Solid black stained oak with elegant wood grain is used for the entire highboard.

The inner part of the item consists of raw oak which, in the first place, offers an aesthetically attractive contrast to the dark exterior. In a practical sense, there is enough space to store your belongings. A striking and beautiful detail that gives this item it's class hides in the top right compartment.

When we open the door, a lamp turns on that only illuminates that part. The inside is covered with an orange fabric that tends to vermilion and a mirror is mounted on the back wall. It gives this cabinet a buzzing flair when you open this door and will resign itself to elegance when the door closes.

This item is in very good and completely solid condition and has some minor signs of wear, but nothing special or severe.


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Shawn Henderson

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Table arrived very well crated, seller made process seamless.


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I recently bought some amazing Artwork from AtKris Studio online. The whole experience was amazing. The transaction was amazingly efficient. The crating and shipping of the artwork to the United States from the Netherlands could not have gone smoother and the customer service was spot on!!  Krista was amazing and I highly recommend AtKris Studio!


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Excellent responsiveness, and with wonderful curatorial chops!