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    Width: 275 cm / 108.3" | Depth: 46 cm / 18.1" | Height: 94 cm / 37"

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This sideboard was designed and manufactured in the early 1970s by the Belgian furniture company Defour. Typical for the Belgian design from that period is the brutalist style that is so recognizable and much loved up until today.

The hypnotic geometric pattern that can be seen in every door gives a beautiful contrast to the square shape. It is one extreme combined with the other. Fifteen of those shapes can be found in each door, which is essentially a square. But the part placed on top has milled corners that eventually form a circle. The result is a subtle trompe-l'oeil in which the circles sometimes seem round and sometimes not round due to the shadow effect with a certain incidence of light. All dark oak parts of this cabinet are solid, which gives it its powerful and high-quality appearance.

The storage or cupboard part starts a few centimeters above the foot, which gives the design just a little more airiness. Behind its highly decorative facade, there is a wealth of storage space. The leftmost space is divided by a shelf and is more than a meter wide. At the top are two drawers covered with green fabric. Behind the middle door is a space of about half a meter wide with a shelf in the middle. The rightmost space is identical to the left but without the drawers. All doors open with flexible hinges and close effortlessly with a magnet system. Finally, we would like to mention that the top of the cabinet has a beautiful drawing on the veneer.

This sideboard has recently been completely restored and is in top condition. An original catalog from the seventies of Defour with a set image of the sideboard is available.

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Customer Reviews

Trey Beck

Customer - Paris

Excellent responsiveness, and with wonderful curatorial chops!


Shawn Henderson

Interior Designer - New York USA

Table arrived very well crated, seller made process seamless.


Joel Telpner

Customer - Denver USA

This bar is amazing. Beautiful and exactly as described. A custom crate (which was a work of art itself) was built in order to ship the piece to the U.S. The bar arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. I will say that take the crate apart was not easy and was a two-person job. But worth it in the end