Giuseppe Scapinelli Sideboard in Caviuna, Brazil 1950s
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An extraordinary sideboard from the hand of the Italian designer Giuseppe Scapinelli. We can rightly call him a jack-of-all-trades since he not only designed but was also a gifted and not-without-merit painter, architect, ceramist, and sculptor. After the war, he prepared for his departure to Brazil. The actual emigration to Sao Paulo took place in 1948, after which he founded his Fàbrica de Móveis Giesse in 1950.


This specific sideboard dates from that early period when Scapinelli, a true Italian bon vivant, and very talented designer, quickly became a welcome guest in Brazilian high society. The luxury and opulence radiate from this object and it is made in a traditional and very skillful way. Let's first look at the very beautiful and striking chassis. Two exoskeleton-like constructions that also have a strong organic shape support the cabinet. These already have a high sculptural quality and are clearly a reference to one of the master's other great interests.

These frames rest on eight firm tapered legs that are slanted and thus offer a beautiful contrast to the straight shapes. From the wild arches of the black frames we now look at the magnificent caviuna wood and its warm and refined appearance. On the left and right cabinet doors, the veneer parts are applied so that a diamond shape is created. Subtle brass door handles are not only practical but fulfill an aesthetic role. When we open the doors it becomes clear that this cabinet is made of solid caviuna. The three storage spaces are divided into parts by means of a shelve. Above the middle doors are three drawers that, viewed from the outside, consist of one piece.


The condition of the sideboard is entirely consistent with age and use and has minimal signs of use. It is important to mention that the frame and the front have been repainted in the past.

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Joel Telpner

Customer - Denver USA

This bar is amazing. Beautiful and exactly as described. A custom crate (which was a work of art itself) was built in order to ship the piece to the U.S. The bar arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. I will say that take the crate apart was not easy and was a two-person job. But worth it in the end


Angela de Santiago

Customer - Paris

Quality, flexibility, very good communication, very happy with the coffee table I bought.


Shawn Henderson

Interior Designer - New York USA

Table arrived very well crated, seller made process seamless.