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    Width: 244.5 cm / 96.3" | Depth: 49 cm / 19.3" | Height: 77 cm / 30.3"

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The beauty and elegance that this sideboard exudes are truly of an incredible level. The style, signature, and high level of quality and craftsmanship ooze from this item. It was designed by the illustrious Italian designer Vittorio Introini for the label Saporiti. At the time, this label gave him the space and artistic freedom he was looking for. This sideboard is one of the earlier designs from his collaboration with Saporiti.


What immediately stands out are the door handles. These are shaped like scissors where it looks like the two blades are glued to the door at an angle. These handles are a typical signature of Introini and are reflected in many of his designs. The sideboard stands on relatively slender legs and has an aluminum strip at the bottom for protection. Its legs are connected to each other by means of a crossbeam and thus offer the necessary strength. The cabinet itself only has rounded shapes, which was also a style characteristic of Introini.

Five doors seem to be sunken because a slat protrudes slightly further above and below over the entire length. Behind the doors, we find a considerable amount of storage space, and is also equipped with two drawers. At the time, no expense was spared for the veneer to select beautiful rosewood and place it in a mirror-wise manner. At the top right of the top, storage space has been placed by means of stainless steel cylinder bushes that can be compared to an attaché case. The relatively large lid opens smoothly via the hinges and immediately reveals why this sideboard bears the name 'Pellicano'. This item is a beautiful example of Italian design from the powerful sixties.


Its condition is fully commensurate with age and use and therefore has some scratches, dents, and other imperfections, but overall a phenomenal appearance.

Customer Reviews

Palmer Giddings

Customer - Houston USA

I recently bought some amazing Artwork from AtKris Studio online. The whole experience was amazing. The transaction was amazingly efficient. The crating and shipping of the artwork to the United States from the Netherlands could not have gone smoother and the customer service was spot on!!  Krista was amazing and I highly recommend AtKris Studio!


Trey Beck

Customer - Paris

Excellent responsiveness, and with wonderful curatorial chops!


Joel Telpner

Customer - Denver USA

This bar is amazing. Beautiful and exactly as described. A custom crate (which was a work of art itself) was built in order to ship the piece to the U.S. The bar arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. I will say that take the crate apart was not easy and was a two-person job. But worth it in the end