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Krista’s Favorite Italian Mid-Century Designers

We love Italian Mid-Century Design. The combination between the elegant shapes, the usage of wood and touch of glamour makes us turn back to these designs every time.

Italian Favorites in our Collection

When you visit our website or follow our socials, there should be no surprise. We love Italian Mid-Century Design. The combination between the elegant shapes, the usage of wood and touch of glamour makes us turn back to these designs every time.

1. Ico Parisi

Ico Parisi is one of the most famous architects and interior designers from the Italian Mid-Century period. He was born in Palermo in 1916 as son of an art teacher, however spend most of his life in Como. Although, he already designed before the war; he is more recognized as one of the key personalities of Italian postwar design.

Hanging Console by Ico Parisi
Hanging Console by Ico Parisi

Corner console by ice Parisi
Corner Console by Ico Parisi

In 1947, Ico Parisi married Luisia Aiana. She was an architect and an apprentice of Gio Ponti. In 1948 they opened their own design studio. Together with his wife, Luisa, he designed amazing furniture that is still very popular amongst collectors and design-lovers.  

My favorite item from Ico Parisi in our collection is the hanging corner shelf in walnut. It is unique as there is only one known to be made. An unique piece from one of the leading Italian Mid-Century Designers that features in his book on page 326.

One of the pieces I love, but do not have in our possession is a corner console in walnut from 1951, designed to fit in an existing building of which also only one is known to have been made.

2. Gio Ponti

University in Padua by Gio Ponti
Interior University of Padua

How can you not have Gio Ponti on this list. His designs sell very fast and that is no surprise. He designed furniture, utensils and buildings like the Palazzo Liviano in Padua and the Bijenkorf in Eindhoven.

Gio Ponti (originally Giovanni Ponti) started his study architecture at age 20 in Milan in 1911. His true passion, however, was art and particularly painting.

At that time he had a strong passion for the ‘Vienna Secession’ that was closely related to Art Nouveau.

He founded the famous magazine ‘Domus’ in 1928, where he often designed the cover.

His most famous works are the Pirelli Tower in Milan and the Superleggera chair. I personally love the interior he designed for the university of Padua.

We currently have an amazing (dining) table in our collection that even comes with a certificate of the Gio Ponti archives. This table is simple, yet sophisticated in design with the top and legs in the same edged pattern.

Dining Table by Gio Ponti
Dining Table by Gio Ponti

3. Franco Poli

You might think this is an ‘odd one out’, but I love Franco Poli his designs. A less famous Italian designer, born in 1950 in Padua, starting his professional career in 1974. I love the fun in his designs especially the sideboards from his ‘Scaliera Series’.

Sideboard by Franco Poli
Sideboard by Franco Poli

One of the highlights from our collection was this table by Franco Poli that is height - adjustable by turning it. You can make it either a coffee- or a dining table. We absolutely loved this design that was unique and no surprise, it was sold very fast.

Table with adjustable height by Franco Poli
Table with adjustable height by Franco Poli

We hope you enjoyed this blog and please let us know if you are looking for information on specific topics.

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