Dining Table, Model TL22 by Franco Albini & Franca Helg for Poggi, Italy 1958
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    Width: 180 cm / 70.9" | Depth: 104 cm / 40.9" | Height: 73 cm / 28.7"

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Beautiful model 'TL22' dining table by Franco Albini and Franca Helg for Poggi, from 1958. The architects Albini and Helg worked together on a large number of projects from 1951 until Albini's death in 1977. Both in architecture and furniture design. This TL22 table is an early result of this successful collaboration and was at the time manufactured by the famous Italian label Poggi.


The base is very striking and ingeniously designed by the duo and immediately betrays their sense of style and harmony, which is expressed through engineering techniques. Its four legs ensure that the table gets lifted from the floor. This subsequently gives space to provide the two upright legs with a special detail at the bottom. We see two hexagonal pyramids pointing downwards and these are beautifully made out of shiny mahogany wood. The crossbar that connects the two hexagonal legs is fixed on the ends with a black Allen bolt. These connections all fit together in a refined way and the bolts are all countersunk. The construction directly under the top is about the same as at the foot but is less visible. That is also the reason that the attention has gone to the lower part of the frame through those hexagonal shapes. The top has a beautiful boat shape and is accompanied and enhanced in its appearance by the quality and luxurious appearance of mahogany wood.


Bought from a family owning it from 1965 when it was a wedding gift in Brescia. The previous owner studied architecture with Franco Albini at the university of Venice and they graduated together.


This very impressive and stylish table has been fully restored and is therefore in very good condition.

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