Hans Agne Jakobsson Chandelier Model T434/15 in Brass and Glass, Sweden 1960s
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    Diameter: 65 cm / 25.6" | Height: 100 cm / 39.4"

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This elegant chandelier was designed in the 1960s by the Swedish interior and furniture designer Hans Agne Jakobsson. His philosophy was to create a soft glowing light that should absolutely not dazzle. In this beautiful design, which consists of two 'layers', we see that fifteen cylinders with a height of twenty-two centimetres have been placed over the light sources. These cylinders are made of slightly smoked glass and provide that beautiful and elegant dimming of the light.

The lower part of the chandelier is characterized by five arms, each carrying two fixtures. The floor above has five luminaires and the layering ensures a dynamic appearance. This is further reinforced by the fact that the arms are placed alternately. We can bring this way of designing back to the modern organic approach by Jakobsson. The gracefulness and respect for natural proportions are clearly expressed in this work.

His choice of materials for this chandelier is the same as for almost the rest of his oeuvre. Namely; brass and glass. Two materials that enhance each other wonderfully and result in a very chic look. The rod that connects the parts of the chandelier as a solid base protrudes, as it were, twelve centimetres from under the chandelier. At the top, the rod ends in the ceiling rose, which is labelled on the inside with the Jakobsson wordmark.

The condition of the lamp is completely consistent with use and age. There are light oxidation spots on the arms, but this does not detract from the overwhelming presence of this item.

Customer Reviews

Joel Telpner

Customer - Denver USA

This bar is amazing. Beautiful and exactly as described. A custom crate (which was a work of art itself) was built in order to ship the piece to the U.S. The bar arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. I will say that take the crate apart was not easy and was a two-person job. But worth it in the end


Trey Beck

Customer - Paris

Excellent responsiveness, and with wonderful curatorial chops!


Shawn Henderson

Interior Designer - New York USA

Table arrived very well crated, seller made process seamless.